Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vacation and Max's Birthday

This posts has pictures with no chronological order and no explanations... lame I know. I am totally into my scrap booking right now but I still wanted to show my Mom my pics, so whoever else would like to view - have at it :) These are from our last minute trip to Arizona (just our little family, it was one of our best trips) and Max;s 5 year old birthday party. He had a blast - teenage mutant ninja cake, and super hero's party (his choice). Sorry about the laziness with this post :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

One Proud Dad

Most of you know that Jeremy and I are expecting our 3rd child (and if you don' know, sorry I have not been that great sharing info this year). I am 5 months and doing great. It has been a really weird pregnancy but overall I have been pretty blessed.

On Wednesday we had our ultrasound and I couldn't have had a more happy husband at that moment. We are having a 3rd boy! More testosterone around here is just what I was wanting for Christmas! I would be lying if I told you that I was not secretly hoping for a girl but overall I really am happy for a healthy baby no matter the gender. So after a tear or two was lost over no pink, or hair bows, or the frilly things I would love to buy... I looked at my two beautiful, fun, lively little boys and can't help but be overcome with excitement of another! I was raised with 5 brothers, I know boys and maybe would have no clue what to do with a girl but I was willing to try and if we dare attempt at another (heaven help me), I will be secretly crossing my fingers.

Jeremy has 2 brothers, he is in the middle of them and they are best friends. I feel they are a large part of the reason we moved here to Oregon. If my boys could be even half as close as Jeremy and his brothers, I would be one happy mom. So, the
Thelin legacy lives on of 3 boys in a row and the Barlow legacy lives on of 3 boys in a row (but my mom did get my sister in there before her 3) and also the dominant gender families the Barlow's seem to have.

I am due this April. This is my first pregnancy where my last trimester will be in the cold. It is wonderful. I am trying to stay in shape and not give into my fast food craving that come on so strong when I am
prego. My body is starting to change, the baby is moving around like crazy and it has recently become a little more real to me.

I just wanted to share our exciting news. There has been lots of celebrating going on with
Jer, Max and Ike. So bring on the swords, trucks, legos, ninja turtles, wrestling, fighting, jumping off all the furniture... because we are prepared and well seasoned! We will keep you posted. Love you all....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hero or Villan?

This post is for you Mom! I am a little late at posting Halloween but my parents are on a mission in Minnesota and I promised my Mom I would send pictures of the kids in their costumes. Sorry it took me a little bit but at least I am following through :) We had a great Halloween this year - I am really starting to get into this holiday!

Max was Indiana Jones and Ike was Batman. They looked so cute.

Here are some Thelin Heros at a Halloween Party. Left to Right: Jade and Ashton (Superman and Lois Lane), Justin and Ashley (Wolverine and Storm), Jer and yours truly (Joker and Poison Ivy), Janea and Nipper (Dead girl and Nacho Libre)

It was fun dressing up this year!

We spray painted Ike's hair, he looked like an Indian child without his blonde hair!

Of course one set of costumes was not enough, Trunk or Treat was Hero's and Halloween night we went with the "Star Wars" theme. They crack me up. Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vikings vs. Packers

In the beginning of October all 6 of my siblings and myself flew back to Minnesota for a little reunion and to catch a Monday night game. My parents are serving a mission 3 hours from my sisters house, so they were able to come spend some time with us also. It was a really fun weekend and it made me appreciate how much I love my family. Not to mention the game was AWESOME! I watched the Vikings play Packers for the second time today and it made me want to blog my pictures from last month. This football season has been so fun to watch.

My sister Tammy and me at the game
Brandon, Jon and Brian - 3 of my 5 brothers
The whole Barlow clan on the Vikings practice field... ready, set, hike!
My Brother in Law Darrell (Vikings OC) giving my fam the tour
Me kissing Brett Favre's helmet... I guess that is why they are having such a killer season :)
Dad, Mom and all their 7 kids: Doug, Tammy, Brian, Jon, Jason, me and Brandon

I totally have a crush!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bad Blogger but Fun Summer

When I first started blogging I was very consistent and then I seem to have slowly died off over the summer. I think I am back and ready to start posting again (no promises)! Our family has had a crazy summer! I thought I would post a few shots from some of our favorite events over the last few months.
Oregon Coast at its finest!

Emily, Jonah and Brooklyn Walker on the Bumper cars at Seadside.

My good friend Emily - I love you girl! We had a great time at the coast with you.

The Thelin clan at a notorious "Jeremy Thelin Bonfire"

Ike and Jack Jack - he loves this dog!

In July we went to Utah for a little Barlow Family fun. Max and Ike had a great time with their cousins!
Kaitie and Brandon (this is her first time ever doing fireworks - pretty exciting!)

Uncle Jason and the boys (Cam and Ike)

Max got stung by a bee when we were up in the canyon. He was pretty brave and barely cried. I however, got stung a few days ago on the lip and felt like bawling ;)

One of my best friends Robyn taking Max for a scooter ride - he thought she was the coolest

I turned 29 in July - had a fabulous birthday with my boys!

San Fransisco, CA I met two girlfriends from college there for a little get away

Myself, Lindsay and Stephanie and Fisherman's Wharf
Max and his cousin Mar doing one of their "projects" at the beach. This one particular project consisted of gathering dead bird feathers and putting them in old beer bottles - priceless!

Ikey turned 2 in August. He is SO much fun right now. Happy, delightful, little buddy!
Our next trip was Max's favorite trip of the summer (maybe even favorite of his life at this point)
Honeyman Campground - annual Thelin get together

We made a 35 foot zipline at the sand dunes for the kids

Grandpa Thelin and Max on the 4 wheeler

Our family going for a little ride on the 4 wheeler. Max still is talking about how fun this trip was on a daily basis.

Hillsboro Airshow - August 29th
Max and Ike thought this was a pretty cool show. Ike was hilarious, he kept yelling "wook airpane mama, wook"

This is the truck that Max is saving his money for. He wants to have a bigger truck than his Uncle Jade and this is the only candidate we have found!