Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Layla Ashley Thelin

It was Sunday night and all was well, my induction was set for Thursday, I was going to get my eyebrows waxed and have my house professionally cleaned (routine baby coming procedure) on Monday, finish organizing some stuff in the house and pack my bags for the hospital.  Jeremy was scheduled to leave on the red eye Sunday night to PA for a business trip and was going to be back Wed morning to make the induction the next day.  Last minute his plans got pushed back and his trip was postponed.  I was a little bummed because now it meant he would have to go after the baby was born but I was also happy to have him around.  However I think the Lord had his hands in the business trip being postponed because my water broke, first time in 4 pregnancies, Monday at 3:00 am. He would have been on an airplane and would have never made it back in time.  Can you even imagine my anxiety level if that were the case - lol!  It was such a shock, so much water I can't imagine that happening in public!  We scrambled into "go" mode and got ready to head to the hospital.  I was there by 5:00 am and at a 3.  They started pitossin just because the rate of infection goes up every hour when your water breaks.  The contractions got a little nuts and by the time I got my epidural I was in some serious pain.  However at 12:35 pm with hardly any effort, Layla was born.  She is perfect.  So small and precious.  We love her.  Here are some pictures from the first few days. 

Layla Ashley Thelin * 6.11 lbs * 18.5 inches * 9-26-11 * 12:35 pm

On our way to the hospital. 

By far my best delivery :)
Dr. Bair, there is not a better doctor on the planet.

Look at all these crazy boys surrounded by a little pink...

Our family is complete!

Max is a great big brother, he tells Layla how pretty and beautiful she is all the time. 

Ike has this fake smile for all of his pictures, he cracks me up.  He is the reason we went with the name Layla.  From the beginning he has called her "Baby Waywa", he prays for her with that name, he would hand weapons to my belly and say "Waywa is on my team", so when it came time to choose a name, it seemed odd to call her anything else. Her middle name Ashley is after one of my best friends that left this earth but continues to be a guiding light in my life.  I hope my daughter can have some of characteristics that Ashley possessed that have helped me become the person I am today. 

The hospital hat is hilarious!

Grandpa Thelin and Layla

Brek and his baby sister

Mask of Zorro!  We had to do it, remove the bow and wallah, we have a bandit!!!

The boys loved the hospital bed - it moves up and down and you have a TV at your finger tips...

This picture is so sweet to me.  Jeremy and his baby girl!

Not my baby anymore.  Brek at 17 months seems HUGE!

I love this little girl so much.