Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dead Opossum

Last week I came down stairs in the morning to a yucky smell. I thought to myself "did I not throw away one of Ike's diapers?" I continued to scrub my house and then it dawned on me..... Last month Jer and I spotted Cat Lady's (next door neighbor) cats going beneath our deck and we thought there was a pee smell coming from the opening. So my manly man goes down there, which by the way is pitch black and the ceiling is only 5 feet high so you have to crouch down, to investigate and he finds a vent that had been chewed away so he secures it and leaves. Well, now a month later we have this smell that is pretty strong and Jer, yet again, goes down and "looks"around but can't see anything (so he says), so when he went to work the next morning I took it upon myself to call a wildlife specialist or what we call "the rodent man" to come help. Not that I didn't believe Jer but I know that he couldn't have been that thorough in his shorts and flip flops standing near the opening shining a flash light around. Three hours later my knight in shining armor came to my rescue and headed down the hole to find a 2 foot DEAD Opossum and a ton of poop! So gross, I know! It started to smell due to the heat we are having so who knows how long it was in there. They cleaned it up and disinfected the area, rewired 2 chewed away vents and now my house no longer smells like a dead carcass! It was the best money I have ever spent. I just can't imagine Jer tackling that job! Max on the other hand thought the whole situation was totally cool!

Max and Rodent Man