Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hero or Villan?

This post is for you Mom! I am a little late at posting Halloween but my parents are on a mission in Minnesota and I promised my Mom I would send pictures of the kids in their costumes. Sorry it took me a little bit but at least I am following through :) We had a great Halloween this year - I am really starting to get into this holiday!

Max was Indiana Jones and Ike was Batman. They looked so cute.

Here are some Thelin Heros at a Halloween Party. Left to Right: Jade and Ashton (Superman and Lois Lane), Justin and Ashley (Wolverine and Storm), Jer and yours truly (Joker and Poison Ivy), Janea and Nipper (Dead girl and Nacho Libre)

It was fun dressing up this year!

We spray painted Ike's hair, he looked like an Indian child without his blonde hair!

Of course one set of costumes was not enough, Trunk or Treat was Hero's and Halloween night we went with the "Star Wars" theme. They crack me up. Happy Halloween