Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 weeks old

Brek is 3 weeks old and adjusting to this crazy household just fine. I love this little guy, I could snuggle him and kiss those chubby cheeks all day. I am feeling good, super tired but good. We have been so blessed by wonderful friends and family that have had play dates with the boys, brought dinners, car pooled my kids, etc. Thank you so much for caring and looking out for my family.

Here a few pics from the last couple weeks. Jeremy is out of town with the camera, so there are more pictures I haven't uploaded yet but I thought I would post what I had (since I had a minute and that is rare :)

This is Brek getting his hearing tested. I always wondered how they did it since he can't raise his hand when he hears the beep....

One of my best friends Chelsea visiting us at the hospital.

This is Brek in his snug little Moses Basket his Aunt gave him...And this is Ike.....
snug in Breks Moses basket!

Little Snoogie

Whenever Brek cries, Max gets all anxious and wants me to help him and Ike just puts his hands over his ears and goes on his merry way!
My sister Tammy came out for 8 days to help me after I gave birth and can I tell you that my love for her grew 100 times. She was wonder woman, I am not kidding. I love you Tammy, thanks again for all your help - the boys miss their "Aunt Sammie".

Here are a few more pictures that Mary took. I just love them...