Thursday, July 22, 2010

30 and lovin it!

July is one of my favorite months, especially in Oregon because it takes till July to get warm!! Also it is my birthday and what girl does not love her birthday? :) Here are some pictures from the last month or so. Hope you enjoy...

Jeremy and I went down with our friends the Adam's to the coast. We rented a beach house and enjoyed the sand and ocean. The kids had a blast and it was good to break away from the routine of life.

This picture cracks me up... Jeremy was giving bread to the nasty birds and they started to swarm us by the dozens. I noticed Chelsea starting to uncomfortable and her bird anxiety was on the rise. I tried to warn Jer but I think at that point he found it all the more funny....

And low and behold, Chelsea had reason to worry. She got the bomb dropped on her!!!

What we do with out our hubbies to dig?

Brek is my angel baby. He was happy as a clam all day.

Nothing is better than when the kiddos are in bed and the games begin.

4th of July ward breakfast

Off to a carnival. My kids had a great Independence holiday.

Off course finish it off with firework show at Oak Hills. I love fireworks, they are magical and make me feel young.

The cousins, best buddies.
I am worried for my future 4th of July's.... I have a house full of pyros :)

Max and Gabe at Safety Town camp

Jeremy, his dad and brother Justin and Jade at a gun course thingy.

Max took this pictures and he cracks me up. He thinks it is so funny to put Breks paci on his head and call it his little hat. The boys get a kick out of it...

Somebody got a visit from the tooth fairy. This is his first lost tooth and he was really excited. The thing has been loose in there for months and he wouldn't let anyone touch it. He told me that the "tooth fairy had blue hair and wore a bright blue dress with shiny things in her hair and she was this big (he used his hands to show me about a foot). She has skills to get the teeth out from under his head and she takes them home, crushes them and builds tooth castles!"
My little snoogies! He is 3 months now!

I cut off my hair. Post pregnancy, you always change something right?
Side view, it looks like a chunk is missing but it just is got my earring I think...
New park that is awesome. We all love it.

Jeremy pushing the kids on the "spinner binner", let's just say he was a fan favorite.

Brek and Ikey

Chelsea and I at a going away party. Thank heaven for good friends!

Swim lessons

So I turned 30 last week and I had a wonderful birthday. Jeremy with the help of friends threw me a surprise party. I had no clue. They all did a great job pulling it off. I felt loved!

On the morning of my birthday we went berry picking... one of my favorite things to do with the fam.

Then I went on a bike ride with Chels (we have been training for a Tri). It was a beautiful day and I was proud of myself for clipping in my pedals and facing the open road with the cars. Nothing better than facing a fear on your special day.

Jer and I took the boys to Toy Story and then I went shopping by myself at the mall (that is a sign that you are getting old when shopping alone is joyful) and I loved looking in all my favorite stores and not having these rugrats to distract me. You gotta love em though!