Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vikings vs. Packers

In the beginning of October all 6 of my siblings and myself flew back to Minnesota for a little reunion and to catch a Monday night game. My parents are serving a mission 3 hours from my sisters house, so they were able to come spend some time with us also. It was a really fun weekend and it made me appreciate how much I love my family. Not to mention the game was AWESOME! I watched the Vikings play Packers for the second time today and it made me want to blog my pictures from last month. This football season has been so fun to watch.

My sister Tammy and me at the game
Brandon, Jon and Brian - 3 of my 5 brothers
The whole Barlow clan on the Vikings practice field... ready, set, hike!
My Brother in Law Darrell (Vikings OC) giving my fam the tour
Me kissing Brett Favre's helmet... I guess that is why they are having such a killer season :)
Dad, Mom and all their 7 kids: Doug, Tammy, Brian, Jon, Jason, me and Brandon

I totally have a crush!