Monday, June 14, 2010

Case of the Barlin's

Brek is almost 9 weeks and I feel like we finally have a handle on life. Now that I am getting a good stretch of sleep at night and I can exercise - I am a new woman :)
3 little boys is not easy but I wouldn't have it any other way....

Barlin Gene
We have chub chubbies for babies. They get hit from both sides of the gene pool. Barlows and Thelins have chubby babies - our kids don't stand a chance. We call it a case of the "Barlin's" (Barlow +Thelin).
I love this picture. Ike is my little weapon man. Since he could walk that kid has had some form of a weapon in his hands at all times. Either a whip made from a bath robe, sword, a gun made from legos, light saber, pretty much any object that can be used in battle, Ikey loves! If you look in Brek's buckle, Ike has made him a lego sword and tucked it in his belt so he could be ready for battle.

Chelsea and Spencer at Pump it Up. They look good holding Baby Brek... maybe it is time for another? Alright I know I am pushing my luck :)

Sam and Max - they have grown to be quite the little trouble making buddies. They have a great time together.
Preschool graduation.

Max and Emma at preschool.
Little Date night with the hubby

The triplets at Omsi

Max and Gabe at Omsi. Best buddies!

Self Shot

They grow so fast. I just love watching him sleep.

Out for a stroll on a sunny Oregon Day!

Family Home Evening
Start it off with a bike ride through the green space.
Now that Max has learned to ride a bike, he can't get enough and is constantly asking us to go on bike rides. We just bought a bike trailer so when Brek gets a little bigger the whole family can go

After the bike ride, home for a little lesson around the fire and smores for dessert.

One lucky Mama!

Come on BBT, Daddy is trying to get a smile out of you...
Baby coo's are one of the best sounds in the world
Happy Birthday Jeremy and Nipper
Brek's Blessing was a wonderful Day. Jeremy gave him a beautiful blessing. It was one of those days that you are humbled and in awe of what a gift parenthood is...

Could not get him to smile, so this disgruntled look is the best we got!


Jason and Tricia Loder said...

Oh Kris! I LOVE this post. So many great pictures. Brek is looking so much older, already. And of course, I love the chubbies. What a cute little guy he is. He still looks so much like Ikey to me. I loved the pics of you guys all going on your bike ride. What a fun FHE with smores afterwards. I bet the boys loved that. Congrats to Max on preschool graduation!!! I can't believe he will be in Kindergarten this year. CRAZY! You look great too, btw. Beautiful as always. Love the pic of your cute family on Brek's blessing day. Such a stylish family! Love you Thelins and see you in a month! Can't wait...

Marianne Thelin said...

Just made my day, love this post! you definately have an awesome family, you guys make cute boys!

Thompson Family said...

Wow Kristin. Brek is sooooooo cute. All your boys are just adorable! You look great too!

Cooper Family said...

9 weeks already. We'll have to get together soon! I need my baby fix!

Frank and Julie said...

Thanks for the great pictures of your growing family. It is so terrific to see them grow up when we can't be down to Portland that often
Keep blogging and we'll keep reading!
Aunt Julie and Uncle Frank

austin and cherisse said...

wow you guys are busy little bees!
We will be in oregon for his sisters wedding the first weekend in Sept if you guys are around...we would love to see you guys!

annie said...

Hi Kris- Loved getting a glimpse into life with the Thelin's. Great post! You guys are awesome. Brek is cute just like the rest of them! : )

Shalyce said...

So I totally stocked your blog, girl. Love it. Your fam is adorable. Read your birth story - crazy. You are gorgeous AND funny!