Monday, February 15, 2010

Wolf, Love and a few extras

At the beginning of February we took the kids up to Wolf lodge (hotel/indoor water park) in Washington with Jer's family. We had a blast, it was nice to get away and enjoy some family time. Max keeps asking me "when we are going back to Wolf Lodge?" that is a sign of good trip :)

Ike was able to go down the water slides by himself. He LOVED it, I honestly think he went over 100+ times in the 2 days we were there.

Jeremy and his brothers acting like a bunch of kids on the rides. Jer was trying to jump off the tube while going and slide down linked with his bothers on their backs.... of course the lifeguard put an end to it. Boys will be boys!We celebrated my nephews birthday while we were there, it was a pirate theme. Happy Birthday Gabey!

Max acting silly at his 5 year old appointment. He did NOT want to wear the robe because it had pink on it and a few butterflies. He let the Dr. know that they needed some "boy" robes... we all laughed.
We had one major success last month... Ikey was potty trained. Here is a shot of those few first lovely days where he had no clothes on so we could catch him before he had an accident. Being naked didn't stop any of our fun, we just rode our bikes in the buff rather than clothed.
Jer and I at a friends Valentine party. The goal was to get as much lipstick on your spouse as you could in an allotted time. We didn't win but I am sure that Jer enjoyed the game :)
Our traditional heart pancakes on Valentines morning.
Jer playing cook as always... he is such good Dad and Hubby. Love you Babe!
The boys set the table and were so proud of it that I let my OCD side go for the day.
Our family Valentines gift that I worked so hard on to finish before V-day: it is our family 2009 scrapbook. I give them the last years scrapbook on Valentines every year. We love looking through the pages together and seeing all the fun things we did through out the year.

Me and my Honey on Valentines Morning
I have needed to take a pregnancy shot for a long time but I just don't find it as exciting to watch me grow as I did with my first :) I decided to stop being selfish and capture the prego body for Baby #3. I am about 31 weeks here. 2 months to go... yipee!

Hope you all had a wonderful, love filled Holiday.....


Jason said...

What a fun trip to Wolf Lodge! That place looks like a blast. I can just see Jeremy and his brothers enjoying it as much, (if not more)than Ike and Max. So fun! Love the Valentine's pics too. Bet Jer was loving all those kisses :) And Kris, can I just say THANK YOU for FINALLY posting a prego picture. If you ever tell me again that you are FAT, it might force me to end our friendship... You are not, nor ever will be big, so just enjoy your tiny little belly. You look GREAT! Small and beautiful... as always. Love you and thanks for sharing your life with us. Miss you and can't wait to see you in Hawaii very soon!!!

PS- Ike is fully potty trained??? I am so dang jealous. I feel like Jada never will be! Good job. You are SUPER MOM!

Jason said...

PS- This is Tricia, not Jason. Hope you already knew that Kris.

Megan and Keli'i said...

I LOVE the updates! Keep 'em coming! And Kristen, you look awesome! I can't believe you're 31 weeks in that photo. Boy, do I relate to the not embracing body changes...the third baby almost put me over the edge. You look fabulous.

Julianne said...

I'm glad you guys had such a great trip to Wolf Lodge. And I don't know what made me laugh more--Max sitting at the Dr.'s office or Ikey riding his bike naked!! Those boys just crack me up! And you look SO great! You are almost there! I love all of your cute Valentine's pictures, too! That's such a great idea to have your scrapbook for the year made by Valentine's day...I might need to adopt that strategy. We love you guys and miss you! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

Kristie said...

what a fun trip!!! we miss you guys! I loved all the pictures, and can't believe how big your boys are getting. and your belly is so cute--almost to the finish line and you still look like a super model, how do you do that?

Lindsey said...

Only two months left!!! I can't believe it. You look great. Looks like you guys are enjoying life as always. When will I get to see you again? You need to come to Utah around the 4th of July. I'll be home then and we could hang out and I'd get to see your new little guy. Just and idea (:

annie said...

Fun post.
Wolf Lodge sounds awesome.
Love Max at the doctor and Ike's bum. So funny!
You are so cute pregnant! I can't believe you're 31 weeks! Did you know I'm 19 weeks along with little girl!