Friday, April 16, 2010

Clearing out the camera...

I am in the thick of nesting and one thing on my to do list is to clear out my camera so it is ready for all the pics that will be coming with the birth of this new baby. There are quite a few pics seeing how my average post time is about 2 months. We have had a wonderful spring filled with fun vacations, some nice Oregon sunny days and just good ole family fun. Hope you enjoy...

I took a last minute trip to Hawaii to see my girlfriends before I enter newborn chaos life again. Jeremy is a great husband and Dad, he kept the boys and with help of friends I was able to leave for a week and take sometime for myself.

I stayed a couple days with my friend Keri and a couple days with my other girlfriend Tricia. We had a great time. 35 weeks is a little too close for comfort to travel though, I thought I would be totally fine and I am but my body did give me a few scares on the flight over and while I was there. Next time I have a brilliant idea like this when I am couple weeks from giving birth - someone remind me how stupid I sound :) It was totally worth it though!

Jada (Tricia's daughter) loved my belly, she asked me about 30 times a day "is there a baby in there?"
Out for one of the many girls nights. I miss you guys! Thanks for a wonderful time.

One of my favorite spots on Oahu - Ko'olina, so pretty!
This picture cracks me up... I was calling for Ike because it was his nap time and I could not find him anywhere. I started to panic thinking he escaped out the front door while I was occupied doing something else. Turns out he is just a really good hider who does not make a sound!

This project that Max did at preschool also gave us some good laughing time. They were learning about the human body and its functions. The kids were to create a robot using whatever they liked. Here is what Max made, take special note of the robots penis.

The penis is long paper towel roll (not a short toilet paper roll that would be proportionate) and it was standing straight in the air. Max was not trying to be naughty or dirty, when asked about his robot he said "I have a penis so my robot should have one too." The teachers were laughing pretty hard when they showed me his finish project but they were so good about not making it a big deal. Clearly the kid has no self esteem issues regarding his body parts :)
Easter time... I love Easter because it is a marking point that spring is here and summer is on its way!

I let the kids pick their baskets this year and decorate them with glitter glue.

Out with our friends the Dorrough's last week. We had a great time guys, thanks again :)Quality artwork at its finest-
This picture was taken by Max last Sunday - he loves to snap all sorts of shots whenever he gets the chance.

Thelin grand kids. Jerai (Jeremy's younger sister) was visiting from Idaho so we were able to take a picture of all the grand kids together. Cute bunch of kids.Trent, Max and IkeI love Max, he brings so much life to our house. He is so smart it sometimes scares me. He will be in kindergarten this fall and I often wonder how on earth did I get to this stage of life so quickly. His cute little face expressions make me smile instantly.Oh Ike, he was such a pain in the butt baby but he more than made up for it as a toddler. He is all boy this kid. He carries a weapon of some sort at all times and has the best sound effects of any two year old I know (shing, shing - when swords clash together :) I just love him
I feel so blessed to have these boys in my life and even more blessed that we will be adding to bunch. We will keep you posted on the arrival of Baby Boy #3. Love you all


thomfam5 said...

Kristen! Last chance for those maternity photos! (Of the cutest pregnant woman I have seen!) You family is adorable, love the robot, and I am glad you got to go to Hawaii. This pregnancy must not have been too bad as you said, next time you are two weeks from having a baby.....!

Sue Barlow said...

Cute family! I can't wait to see Thelin #3. If he looks anything like Max and Ike you've got a winner! That robot is one of a kind. That boy loves his manhood.
Can't wait to see you all. Jeremy always looks like he takes everything in stride and doesn't stress over anything. Tomorrow is the big day! Our prayers are with you, Kris, for another BIG event to happen. Take care..........We love you all. Mom and Dad

Chiara said...

Jeremy dyes easter eggs in his suit and tie? Way to bring Christ into Easter Jer!! ;)-

Your boys are darling....I'm so excited for you to have #3!

Marianne Thelin said...

Love to see your posts....can't wait to hear the news! Love you and happy pushing!

Jessica said...

LOVED all of the pictures, Kristen! You seriously have SUCH a cute family! Those boys are hilarious. You had me laughing out loud with that robot picture. I wish we could see you guys more often. Good luck today and I can't wait to see the new little boy!

Cooper Family said...

Love the pictures! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help when Baby#3 arrives!

Megan and Keli'i said...

two things: 1. you may be the cutest pregnant girl ever!

and 2. Hello? You came to Hawaii and didn't even both to stop by? Hurt my feelings!:)

Good luck with baby #3~! Exciting stuff happening!